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The design process

The raw materials
M.C.S.'s technical department uses 3-D CAD design systems to visualize every product thereby making it possible to provide a wide variety of "special" products each manufactured according to specific customer needs and specifications.

MCS uses only first quality certified stainless steel material, obtained from leading Italian and European steel plants, for its production process.

The manufacturing process

The bending process
M.C.S. uses the latest generation CNC machineries which assures the maintenance of very strict manufacturing tolerances – providing the highest performance levels in terms of power, torque and precision. MCS fittings are bent using CNC machineries which guarantee a constant bending radius.

The Assembling process

The cleaning process
M.C.S.'s fittings are crimped and assembled using CNC machinery which assure function and tenacity. Each item produced by M.C.S. is subjected to an ultrasonic cleaning treatment that removes all traces of contamination (such as dirt, dust, grease, etc.).

The marking process

The quality control
M.C.S. fittings are marked using a Fiber Laser Engraving System that makes it possible to trace each and every product. M.C.S. performs visual and dimensional controls on 100% of its products thereby reducing the number of defective parts to zero.

The testing process

The warehousing
M.C.S. performs rigorous "in-house" tests on each
and every product.
M.C.S. has a full line of finished products in stock ready to fill the customers' immediate needs and delivery requirements. M.C.S. stocks their products using an automatic storage system – this solution offers perfect adaptability to the needs of a warehouse and is ideal for reducing selection times.

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