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M.C.S. Hydraulics is both proud and pleased to present OneGC™, the new universal ferrule which can be used with thirteen different types of flexible hoses. Represents an absolute revolution in the field of flexible hose fittings: because of the innovative design which enables its use in a wide variety of applications and because of the excellent seal parameters demonstrated during testing.

The exceptional characteristics of OneGC™ provide many advantages:

Easy-to-use: OneGC™ reduces the chances of error, for example, when choosing a particular ferrule to be used, moreover its particular conformation and structure guides and assists the operator during the assembling and crimping processes;

Reliability: The OneGC™'s PATENTED innovative trapezoidal internal profile always ensures a perfect seal especially when using 4SP or 4SH hoses;

Economic: Since OneGC™ is an extremely versatile product, it can result in reduced stock which ultimately translates into reduced warehousing costs.

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